Pastry chef rolling out pastry at Gabi & Jules Bakery and Cafe in Port Moody BC, where they are unapologetically and all-buttery baker

from Scratch

And we mean everything is handmade

Everything, and we mean everything, we make at Gabi & Jules is made by hand from scratch. We are an unapologetically all butter bakery meaning that the vast majority of the items we make are made with butter. Our pies are made with an uncompromising all-butter crust that is hand pressed and hand formed. We believe that nothing can replicate the quality achieved by diligently making all aspects of every product we make.

Handmade = Human Made

Staff member measuring ingredients at Gabi & Jules Bakery and Cafe in Port Moody BC

Obviously there is tremendous benefits to making everything by hand but with that said it does mean that all our products are made by humans thus there is room for human error.

Pastry chef flouring pastry at Gabi & Jules Bakery and Cafe in Port Moody BC

While we strive to achieve perfect consistency there will undoubtedly be variation in our products given they are not made by machines in a factory. For us the fact no two items will be exactly the same is part of the charm of doing things the "old school" way

Pastry chef folding pastry at Gabi & Jules Bakery and Cafe in Port Moody BC

We recognize there may be times when mistakes are made and if you are ever dissatisfied with anything you get from Gabi & Jules we ask that you please bring that product back so we can see what went wrong and then make it up to you!

Pie Care

All our pies are made with an all-butter crust without any preservatives which means that pies are best enjoyed the day we bake them. We realize that sometimes this isn't possible so the following are some of our recommended "Best Pie Practices"

Pie Care 101

1. All our pies are baked fresh each morning and best enjoyed the same day. If enjoying them the following day, please follow the guidance below for best results.

2. To warm or refresh your pie (except chilled pies), we recommend warming at 375F for 10-15 minutes.

3. For fruit pies with a pastry top including Strawberry Ginger Peach & Traditional Apple, these pies are best stored on your countertop. Ideally not in the fridge as this will not be the kindest to the pastry.

4. Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Peanut Butter and other "chilled" pies should always be kept in the fridge.

5. For our custard pies, generally those would be our fruit pies that have a crumb topping including the Blueberry Earl Grey, Salted Caramel Apple and others, we recommend keeping in on your counter if serving later in the day and then in the fridge overnight. Refer to point 1 for refreshing / warming before serving.

6. We do not ever recommend freezing any of our fruit and sweet pies.