Gabi & Jules


Gabi & Jules is a bakery located at 2302B Clarke Street in Port Moody. Our mission is to passionately create exceptional pies and baked goodness in a collaborative environment inclusive of individuals of all abilities. With a commitment to quality ingredients, our pies are packed full of fruit & flavour and we strive to allow the natural sweetness & flavours sing by intentionally limiting the amount of additional sugar we add. Come by Gabi & Jules to enjoy a slice of pie and a cup of coffee or take a whole pie home to share with family & friends.
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Motivated by the fact that our eldest daughter Juliana has autism, we wanted Gabi & Jules to create opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum and are proud to be an inclusive employer. We endeavour to offer opportunities, open doors and create a place of belonging for individuals in our community who can sometimes be overlooked. We strive to see abilities, not a disability, the opportunity instead of the obstacles, and are so proud to have several members of our team with diverse abilities.
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