How We Give Back

Presidents Group

As per our mission to create an inclusive work environment we endeavor to provide employment opportunities to individuals on the Autism Spectrum.
Lisa Beecroft, co-owner of Gabi & Jules, is proud to be a member of the Presidents Group, a network of change-drive BC business leaders who are champions for accessible, inclusive workplaces.

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We are proud to support these great organizations in our community.

Medicare for Autism Now!

The Autism Support Network

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MFAN is a volunteer, national coalition of non-partisan parents, advocates, professionals and growing numbers of other fair-minded Canadians seeking Medicare coverage for effective, science-based autism treatment otherwise known as ABA (applied behaviour analysis).

Over 40 years of research and litigation have identified this treatment as medically necessary. It is the only core health need not included in health care, therefore costing Canadian families thousands of dollars a year each to access the only uniquely effective treatment for their children.

 Autism Support Network Board Members are dedicated to improving and increasing access to quality ABA services in the home and in the community for all individuals who may benefit from it.

The Autism Support Network is an organization of families and professionals educating and supporting families about Applied Behavior Analysis and its’ application as a treatment for autism. The Autism Support Network seeks to strengthen our community across British Columbia by building local networks so that families can connect with other families in their own neighborhoods.